About us

We offer our client an original design offer and it’s proffessional realization in the subject of glass and ceramic mosaic techniques. The highest quality craft is joined with brave artistic concepts. We search for harmonious but surprising aesthetical solutions, that meet the client’s expectations.


We make small forms – as separate art forms, as well as works that are composed into the architechture, firmly connected to the base, often on a grand scale.

In the artistic mosaic, hand made from glass, but also – depending on the project’s concept – from ceramic, we design and make:

  • portaits, based on
    photography and prints
  • landscapes, genre scenes,
    classic iconographical motiffs,
    based upon our photo materials,
    scetches and paintings, as well
    as interpretations of the old
    masters’ works.
  • works that precisely
    project client’s requests
  • chimney finishing
  • wall compositions of any
    format, indoors and outdoors
  • floors with complex
  • sepulcre art – portaits
    incorporated into
  • mirrors
  • glass inlays in furniture
  • collectible modules,
    connected with
    treated as single artistic pieces

FUTUMO’s offer is diverse, and it’s works created in artistic mosaic techniques can be characterized as Art. The materials’ durability, their immunity to the conditions of the weather, temperature and mechanics, allows for a wide application. We are a couple, therefore we work as a team. However, with bigger projects we also collaborate with other artists. This enables us to work on a grand scale and meet deadlines, but always on the highest atristic level.

The creations are made directly on special foundations and are autonomous pictures. They can also be prepared on transport mesh, so in the final stage, they can be mounted at their final destination. This way, our mosaics can be found in interiors in Poland and abroad (Holland, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland). Every single element of our mosaics, is meticulously and patiently cut by hand. A wide colour range of the colour stained-glass, which we mainly use, and the creative commitment, allow us to re-create even the most complex works.


The process of artistic mosaic coming into life, full of trade secrets, from the design stage, through relaisation and the mounting process, is always a passionate challenge for us. FUTUMO is an art studio that is always evolving, searching for new stylistic solutions, and interested in future enterprises.

Striving for the harmony of quality, usefulness and beauty – each project is treated individually. In grand and small projects we care for the tiniest details, for they make our mosaics. Each project demands a separate cost estimate, depending on the materials, size and complexity.